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    Crimson Tempest is an EST-based guild.
    Regular raid times are EST - 7:30pm - 11:00pm on SUNDAY, TUESDAY, and THURSDAY

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Guild Breakdown

Crimson Tempest Guild

We are a top-end raiding EST-based, DFP loot system guild on the Drinal server. Regular raid times are EST - 7:30pm - 11:00pm on SUNDAY AND TUESDAY


Risla leads our team of dedicated officers: Anucrabriem, Csvareous, Galarian, Muji, Panth, Phancy, Zarzac


Unique hybrid class. A musician and fighter who excels at supporting any type of party. Great at preventing emergencies, and helpful for managing emergencies if they do happen. Run extremely fast, and is the only class that can cast non-instant abilities while running.


Hybrid Monk/Shaman. A savage fighter who attacks in melee alongside a powerful animal pet, using damaging spells, combat techniques, and support magic to enhance the effort.


A raging fighter who deals the best melee burst damage, can momentarily stun foes, and is hindered little by enemy positioning or angle of attack. Can generate throwing axes for dealing with foes from a distance.


An armored priest who possesses the most powerful and varied healing magic. A welcome class in any group, but can also solo with a mercenary.>


A priest of nature who provides strong healing, damaging, and/or support magic, according to the situation. Can use portal spells, and can also solo well.


A mind-bending spellcaster, providing superb support magic and a few pet options. The best class for making emergencies easy to handle, and for enabling allied spellcasters to deal more damage.


A summoner of four types of powerful elemental pets. Has strong damaging spells, along with some support magic. Particularly strong in single-group content, and can solo effectively.


A martial artist with very strong burst and sustained damage. Helps prevent emergencies and adapts very well to them if they do happen.


A spellcaster of death, and life-draining. Master of Fire, Disease, Poison and Magic. Has the best sustained spell damage, along with a strong undead pet, and endures emergencies well. One of the best soloing classes throughout the game.


Hybrid Cleric/Warrior. A holy knight who tanks well, stuns foes, and can heal allies or self more effectively than any other non-priest class, particularly in emergencies. Capable of dealing tremendous damage to the undead.


Hybrid Druid/Warrior. A forester who deals strong sustained damage from near or far and can provide limited healing in a pinch. Performs well in brief emergencies, but is more fragile overall than other warrior hybrids. An expert at tracking creatures, and at shooting a bow.


A conniving fighter who, if attacking from behind, deals the best sustained melee damage and has strong burst capability. Great at scouting and corpse recovery, using advanced stealth abilities to escape detection by foes. The only class that can prepare poisons. Needs the help of a mercenary to solo effectively.


Necromancer/warrior hybrid. An unholy knight with the best aggro control among the tank classes. Can assist with healing self by draining health from foes, and has a weak but useful undead pet. In an emergency, can use Harm Touch to devastate a single foe.


A priest of spirits who excels at weakening foes and empowering allies, particularly melee fighters. Also provides strong healing, has a decent pet, and deals decent damage with spells when no healing or support is currently needed. The only class that can make potions.


The fundamental tank. Mitigates incoming damage better than any other class and possesses strong aggro control and good melee damage output. Can act as a living shield for an ally during emergencies. Needs the help of a mercenary to solo effectively.


A seeker of raw magical power. Uses spells to cause the best burst damage among all classes, and has potent stunning magic. Can use portal spells. One of the best soloing classes at higher levels.

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